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Open-Back Turtle Setting

        This page is a gift for you from Willie Zuniga.

"I really love these settings, so I wanted to share a few ideas with you." writes Willie. 

Turtle settings and open backed turtle settings can be used with almost any stamping, drop or connector that has an opening in the center or not. That's why they are one of our top selling items. You can use them for any type of jewelry making, since they are so functional.

Except for the earrings in the picture below, the following items are not finished pieces, but I'm sure you'll find some ideas there.

Aqua Earrings

Whether you glue the settings on top, or wrap them around the piece (as in the earrings) ... you've created a whole new "setting." 

These aqua earrings include 16mm size settings, with 48ss stones, (and a tiny bead of glue for extra good measure.)

The photo below shows you how to add more substantial prongs to a fancy setting with tiny prongs. This will also save an expensive setting from which the prongs may have snapped off when you tried to close them.


The 25mm size fits perfectly into the simple rope edge setting below. I pushed the prongs upward, then glued it flat into the setting. I think it makes the setting look so much richer ... the prongs on these are so pretty.

Rope Edge

This type of setting would also work well with the clear magnifying cabs so that you wouldn't have to use glue on your photos or scans at all.

Another great thing about these settings is that they are very malleable and sturdy. And they're great for odd-sized/shaped stones, as pictured here.Free-Form

You can easily add jump rings before tightening down the prongs.

The search numbers for the open back turtle settings are as follows S68, S66, S67, S69, S63, O37, S64 and S65. We often add new ones as they are added to the manufacturer's showrooms.

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