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Since 1989 I've been guided by my passion for designing jewelry of unique timeless style from the finest materials in the world. Now that my hands are no longer strong enough to earn a living doing what I love, I am sharing design tips, marketing experience and thousands of supplies with you here on these web sites.

In addition to this teaching site we have two shopping web sites with more than 5,000 items in stock. Orders are usually shipped on the same day. and

This site is dedicated to sharing tips, motivation, ideas and instructions for making your own jewelry as a hobby or perhaps to start a new career. I don't have children, so this site is my way of giving back. I want to pass along what I've learned to anyone who wants to benefit from my experience.

Design, fashion, music, art, literature, architecture... all the facets of our different cultures evolve and change. Those of us who are devoted to a certain genre will remain interested in that style with subtle changes over the years as we learn, grow and edit to make room for more treasures. The decorating style, music and architecture of 18th century has always been my favorite and strongly influences my buying decisions today. The romantic Baroque, Victorian, Rococo and vintage styles have always been my strongest influences. Modern or minimalist design seems cold and unfinished to me. So no matter the current trend, I continue to embrace what I love in varying degrees of weight, layers and focal interest. If you are that type of loyal fan of all things romantic, elegant, and dramatic then you will always find the components and accessories you love here.

"May the joy that comes from creating something beautiful, always be yours."
Susan Street, 2007

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