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Glue Tips

Here are tips for using E6000 glue, Crafters Goop and Diamond Glaze.

When you use E6000 glue make sure it is fresh, clear and stringy straight from the tube. It starts to dry quickly and if it is cloudy to start, it won’t set up properly. Use a toothpick or a needle tool to distribute only a tiny amount (see photo). Leave the original set undisturbed for twenty-four hours.

The next day you can embellish with cabochons, jewels, stones or other metal pieces. I used this method for years to create unique settings. I usually had at least ten items drying in various stages.

You only need a small dot of glue to hold flat objects together as seen in the example. Keep this perspective in mind as you work.

Always make sure both the setting and the stones are clean. Many of the older glass stones have an oily residue that you will need to clean with a Q-tip dipped in alcohol to ensure that the glue will be able to hold.

If you used too much glue and it’s showing, leave it alone for about an hour. Go back with another toothpick and gently lift the offending glue away without breaking the original set of the items you are gluing together. Remember the key to the glue setting well, is to let the original placement lie undisturbed for twenty-four hours. After that you will have to pry it apart with pliers!

It is a bit tricky to get those pin backs attached well with glue. You must go back the next day to check the bond. I always added another tiny filigree over the base part where I had glued it to a setting to reinforce that spot. I used flat filigrees on the back of almost all my pieces to make them look more finished but also because it reinforced any connections on the back of the item. There were many sales made after a woman picked up a piece and said “Ooooh the back is as pretty as the front!”.

We now sell the small one ounce size of E6000 on our store web site. It is much more economical since the large tubes always dried out before I could use them up.

Most brass stampings have hollow backs which require using a thick adhesive such as Crafters Goop. This contact adhesive and sealant is perfect to use on your favorite projects because it has been formulated to seal and stick to a wide variety of materials including glass, plastic, metal, vinyl, rubber, canvas, cement, wood and ceramic. It’s waterproof and washer/dryer safe, so it’s great for applying rhinestones, ribbons, buttons and decals to clothing as well as joining the deeper hollow back stampings together with a flat component.

When you are joining tiny items, for example rhinestones to settings, G-S Hypo Cement works great. If you are bonding larger elements you would need something with more viscosity to fill the space a bit. (E6000 works great for that.) If you are joining two items with a lot of space between them, like large stampings you might find that Crafter’s Goop works much better. Not all glues are right for all jobs. You can find all three of these glues on our web sites.

Diamond Glaze™ by JudiKins
This is not a product we can offer for sale on our web sites since I do not have a bricks and mortar store at this time, but we do want to share the product source with you.

Many of you have asked for a glue which is good to use with art work, scanned images or stamped work. Diamond Glaze™ is a dimensional adhesive that dries to a clear glass-like finish. You will love using it with any of our settings. It securely holds Vellum, glass beads, glitter and many other mediums. Unlike other clear adhesives, Diamond Glaze is mixable with dye-based inks, watercolor, and pearlescent pigments. This dimensional adhesive dries to a clear glass-like finish. You can use it directly over your artwork to create a raised finish, or use it as a glue to attach beads and glitter. Diamond Glaze is water-soluble when wet, but once dry, it is permanent, and difficult to remove. The manufacturer recommends covering any work surface while using this product. A thin layer will dry quickly, but a thicker layer may take hours to dry, depending upon the humidity. It comes in a 2 fl. Oz. bottle, with a fine tipped applicator. This product is offered for sale at this address on the web site for

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