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Photo Slide Show

Over the years, we’ve saved many pictures of designs by clients, students and also a few pictures of our own designs. We’ve created a photo album featuring some of the collection. We hope that you will find inspiration to create your own designs from the examples shown here. If you would like us to include a photo of your work and a link to your site, please send us an email using our main contact page here.

Fine Art Jewelry

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Created by Susan Street - VintageJewelrySupplies.com

Our current jewelry making artist list on this photo slide show includes the following:

Created by Susan StreetVintageJewelrySupplies.com

Created by Willie Zunigawww.etsy.com/shop/MorningGloryLegacy

Created by Nancy HamiltonNancyLTHamilton.com

Created by Jessica GalbrethTheVintageAngel.com

Created by Terri Moorewww.etsy.com/shop.forthecrossjewelry

Created by Sylvie Monnet in Villuis, France

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