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Free Jewelry Making Lessons

Measuring Guide

Since millimeters are much more precise, the metric system is almost always used in the jewelry industry. This gauge will help you compare inches with millimeters. This chart will not be to scale if you print it from your computer. All monitors are set differently. We will be happy to send you other guides such as SS/PP compared to millimeters and how to make basic and self wrap loops. Send us an email on our main contact page to ask for the tip sheet (emailed) that you need. Visit our store web site to shop for thousands of jewelry making items.(NOTE: our website best viewed on desktop or tablet)
Free Jewelry Making Lessons

Pricing Your Work

The cost of the items used to make your jewelry has no bearing on the price you charge for your creations. Think about how long it has taken you to learn your techniques not just the amount of time it took for you to put together one item. This lesson will guide you in making pricing decisions when you start to sell your work to the public or to stores and galleries. The wholesale cost of these earrings is $37.50.  The boutique selling these earrings will offer them at a retail cost of more than $75.00. This lesson will be very helpful if you wish to sell your jewelry to stores. Never undercut your wholesale client's prices. When you sell to the public also, you must sell at the same price the stores sell your items. This i...