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Free Jewelry Making Lessons

Pricing Your Work

The cost of the items used to make your jewelry has no bearing on the price you charge for your creations. Think about how long it has taken you to learn your techniques not just the amount of time it took for you to put together one item. This lesson will guide you in making pricing decisions when you start to sell your work to the public or to stores and galleries. The wholesale cost of these earrings is $37.50.  The boutique selling these earrings will offer them at a retail cost of more than $75.00. This lesson will be very helpful if you wish to sell your jewelry to stores. Never undercut your wholesale client's prices. When you sell to the public also, you must sell at the same price the stores sell your items. This i...

The Long Journey Home

To give you some history‚Ķ I left my hometown in 1979 to join the Navy. After four years I started a consulting firm and later began designing jewelry as a hobby which grew into a full adventure of it's own. Over the years, I have had many adventures and traveled to many countries. I've made my share of mistakes along the way which were life lessons to make me stronger. The following thoughts were recorded early one morning as I was approaching Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, TN. I was alone, driving a moving van loaded with all my worldly possessions as I completed a very long journey home where I've at last found peace. I'm going home!   Home to the undulating hills, the emerald mountain spires reaching right up to the skies,among the clouds floating past my finge...
From the Bookcase
Ideas, Inspiration

From the Bookcase

Some helpful publications... I've been asked many times for a list of books and magazines I've found helpful or inspirational. Here are a few of the titles on my bookshelves. "Beading with Filigree" by Cynthia Deis - This is a great book for beginners. It explains the basics with beautiful pictures and easy to understand instructions on how to use simple beading techniques. Information about metal finishes and more advanced techniques are also mentioned. After you've practiced Cynthia's basic lessons, you can add your own creativity to take the examples to the next level and make them your own. "Links Inspired Beading and Wire Jewelry Creations" by Jean Yates "BeadStyle"A magazine published by Kalmbach Publishing Co. "Belle Armoire Jewelry Magazine"Published by Stamping...
Frequent Questions

Frequent Questions

May I use PayPal to pay for my purchases?We are happy to accept PayPal! Do you have a paper catalog?Since our inventory changes daily we may never have a print catalog. You can always see all of the inventory we have to offer at our store web site. New items are constantly being added and vintage items are in limited supply, so a print catalog would not be feasible.  Do you wholesale?We try to be very fair with our pricing and yet make enough profit to remain in business. The lowest price we can afford is always listed to start with. We already work ten hour days so it would take even longer to figure out discounts for the hundreds of orders we get each day if we marked things up and then cut our prices according to volume orders. It would actually drive u...